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Association of Retired Senior IPS Officers (ARSIPSO)

Owing to unforeseen circumstances, the 4th B S Das Memorial lecture scheduled for September 02,2023 at IIC, New Delhi has now to be postponed to a later date. Regret inconvenience caused. Regards. V. Rajagopal, Genl. Secy., ARSIPSO

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Book Title Author

MISSION TO BHUTAN – A Nation in Transition
Vikas Bublishing House 1995, 1997

Das BS
Vikas Publishing House 1983, 1990
Das BS
Udyog aur Suraksha
(New Delhi: K K Publications, 1995, p. 265, Rs. 300/-)
Vohra, BL
Manav Adhikar aur Police Bal
(New Delhi: Sardar Prakashan, 1999, p. 141, Rs. 120/-)
Vohra, BL
Hasno Math, Hum Police Hain
(New Delhi: K K Publications, 1997 p. 185, Rs. 150/-)
Vohra, BL
Hurdles to Success
(New Delhi: K K Publications, 1997, p. 128, Rs. 190/-)
Vohra, BL
Key to Success
(New Delhi: K K Publications, 1997, p. 127, Rs. 190/-)
Vohra, BL
Don’t Laugh We Are Police.
(New Delhi: Konark Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 1995, p. 155, Rs. 60/-)
Vohra, BL
Industrial Security: some news challenges
(New Delhi: CISF, 1990)
Srivastava, R K ; Guruprasad, D V
Manavadhikar evam Police Tantra
(Delhi: The Bright Law House, 2002)
Singh, K P
Indian Kaleidoscope
(New Delhi: Jawahar Publishers & Distributors, 1999, p. 192, Rs. 250/-)
Singh, Joginder
Inside Indian Police
(New Delhi: Gyan Publishing House, 2002, p. 354, Rs. 580/-)
Singh, Joginder
Without Fear or Favour – An Autobiography.
(New Delhi: Kaveri Books, 1998)
Singh, Joginder
Inside India
(Delhi: Indian Publishers Distributors, 2000, Rs. 395/-)
Singh, Joginder
Inside CBI.
(New Delhi: Chandrika Publication, 1999, Rs. 395/-)
Singh, Joginder
Be the Best
(Delhi: Indian Publishers Distributors, 2001, Rs. 395/-)
Singh, Joginder
Handbook for Trainers – Practices and Innovation.
(SVP NPA, 1994, Rs. 75/-)
Sen, Sankar, Saxena, A K & Prasad, P S V
Custodial Deaths.
(SVP NPA, 1994, Rs. 100/-)
Sen, Sankar & Saxena, A.K.
Police Training – Problems and Perspectives.
(Jaipur, Rawat Publications, 1994, Rs. 225/-)
Sen, Sankar & Saxena, A.K.
Tryst with Law Enforcement and Human Rights
(New Delhi: APH Publishing Corporation, 2002)
Sen, Sankar
Terrorism and Drugs
(Calcutta: S C Sarkar, 1994)
Sen, Sankar
Police in Democratic Societies
(New Delhi: Gyan Publishing House, 2000, Rs. 400/-)
Sen, Sankar
Policing in a Changing Society.
(Hyderabad, Boys Town Offset Press, 1994, Rs. 150/-)
Sen, Sankar
Police Today
(New Delhi, Aashish Publishing House, 1986)
Sen, Sankar
Police Autonomy and Accountability
(New Delhi: Institute of Social Sciences, 2002, p. 24)
Sen, Sankar
Law Enforcement and Cross Border Terrorism
(New Delhi: Concept and Publishing Company, 2005, Rs. 175/-)
Sen, Sankar
Human Rights in a Developing Society
(New Delhi: APH Publishing Corporation, 1998, Rs. 400/-)
Sen, Sankar
Human Rights and Law Enforcement
(New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company, 2002, Rs. 200/-)
Sen, Sankar
Law Enforcement and Cross Border Terrorism
(New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company, 2005)
Sen, Sankar
Policing a Democracy – A Comparative Study of India and the US
(New Delhi: Manohar Publishers, 1999, Rs. 600/-)
Raghavan, R K
Indian Police – Problems, Planning and Perspectives
(New Delhi: Manohar Publications, 1989)
Raghavan, R K
Intelligence: a security weapon
(New Delhi: Manas Publications, 2003, Rs. 595/-)
Pathak, D C
Crime and Detection in India
(New Delhi, Super Book House, 1979)
Nath Trilok & Singh, R D
Indian Police Administration – A Guide for Police Officers
(New Delhi: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 1983)
Nath, Trilok
Intelligence Imperatives for India
(New Delhi: India First Foundation, 2004)
Nath, D C
Police Brutality: an analysis of police behaviour
(New Delhi: Vikas Publishing House, 1986, Rs. 95/-)
Misra, Shailendra (Late)
Casual Symphony
(New Delhi: Kalyani Publishers, 1977)
Kumar, Ashwini
Cinema and the Indian Freedom Struggle
(New Delhi: Sterling Publishers, 1998, Rs. 600/-)
Kaul, Gautam
War by Stealth: terrorism in India
(New Delhi: Viking, 1997)
Karan, Vijay
Triumph of truth: the Rajiv Gandhi assassination – the investigation
(Slough: New Dawn Pres Inc., 2004)
Kaarthikeyan, D R
Reassessing Pakistan Role of Two Nation Theory
(Lancers Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi)
AK Verma
Long march of Islam: Future Imperfect
(Manas Publications and Distributors, New Delhi.)
RK Ohri
Pakistan: From Jinnah to Jehad
(UBS Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi)
SK Dutta
S.K.Dutta contributed a chapter each in the following publications:
Pakistan Trap
(UBS Publishers Distributors Ltd., New Delhi, 2001)
Pakistan at the Cross Roads
(Rupa & Co., Delhi published in 2003).
India’s National Security
(Published by India Research Press, New Delhi 2003)
United Nations, Multilateration and Terrorism)
Shipra on behalf of IDSA New Delhi 2005.


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