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Association of Retired Senior IPS Officers (ARSIPSO)

This is with reference to my letter No. ARSIPSO/GS-BSD-4/2023 dated. 10/08/2023 on the 4th B.S. Das Memorial Lecture, which had to be rescheduled for unavoidable reasons.

The 4th B.S.Das Memorial Lecture to be delivered by Shri Anil Kumar Sinha, IAS (Retd.), on the subject Disaster Management: Creating Safer Communities, has now been rescheduled for October 14, 2023 as per the following:

Conference Room No. 2, India International Centre, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi, October 14, 2023 (Saturday)

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Police Reforms S.M. Cairae

  1. The matter relating to Police Reforms is hanging fire since long. In a quest for granting independence of action to the Police from the political masters, even some of the actionable points are not looked into by the successive Governments. Unfortunately, they are not pressed by the Police fraternity either. A very pertinent matter is relating to the mutual faith between the courts, law and the people at large on their Police Force. Perhaps nowhere in the world such a hopeless situation prevails, where the tax payer pays to retain a mass of public servant, i.e. the Police, on whom neither the courts nor the law or the people repose any faith. Yet even after 64 years of Independence, nobody has thought of taking any action to ameliorate the situation.

  2. In my opinion, the public trust can be regained by ensuring 100% recording and subsequently redressal of the public grievances. For this purpose, all police stations, or to begin with, the Police Control Rooms/ senior officers offices should be provided with tamper-proof telephones/ public grievance recording system. Any complaint being received must become a permanent record on the electronic system, and should be acted upon with information of various developments to the complainant. This would be possible when the Constabulary is literate and is well-trained, and is able to discharge the Police duties, as an individual. The feudal habits and outlook of senior Police Officers will have to be cast away. Regular and honest Force audit will be required to be done. In one CPMF 5,500 constables were found missing from any duty (something like 60 companies gulped in by the powers that be), in 1997, and the D.G. of the Force did not have guts to recall them for duty. Such feudalism in the Forces is suicidal.

  3. For developing mutual trust between the Police and the Courts, in all Police Stations there should be Interrogation Rooms, fitted with Video cameras and audio recording facilities. All witnesses and the accused must be examined in these Interrogation Rooms on oath of speaking the truth, and the same should be immediately sent for Court Record through the net, so that there is no chance of tampering with it later by anyone. When the case is charge sheeted, the same video recording should be made available to the Defence by internet by the Court. During the trial, the statement should be displayed before the Court and after seeking affirmation from the witness, the trial can start straight away from his cross-examination. This will reduce tremendous amount of duplication, paper work; and will also not give rise to any mistrust. In such a situation there may not be any necessity to have Sections 24 to 27 in the Evidence Act and Sections 161/162/165 etc in the Cr. P.C. This reform in our procedure is now long due and must be brought about immediately, as there is no dearth of funds for Police Modernization. It may be mentioned here, that once the trust of the people and Courts is earned by the Police, there may not be any need left to seek independence from the political interference in their working. If at all necessary, the public will agitate on their behalf. Getting orders from Honble Supreme Court to implement Police Reforms may or may not cut the ice, but if we reform our working and press for the above, we will be successful in achieving our aim.


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